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Our Commitment to Business Continuity
BorderlessMind has a robust and time-tested Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that ensures that the business operations of BorderlessMind are not disrupted by any natural or unnatural disaster.

The BCP reiterates our commitment to delivering the highest quality solutions using the onsite/offshore model, and protecting our clients from risk. Our business continuity plans are based on the need to protect professional staff, computing infrastructure, and intellectual property in order to help our customers remain in business through any contingency. That includes provisions to ensure the mobility of professional skills along with fully redundant communications backbones and computing infrastructures.

Power & Utilities
Our entire facility can be run on auxiliary power. We have multiple back-up options to enable us to run the facility without power for an uninterrupted period of 2 days. The electrical supply into the facility is conditioned using a three-phase servo stabilizer. All power supply to computers is provided by online Uninterrupted Power Supply systems. Load balancing and redundant clusters stabilize voltage and frequency to within 1%. An underground water storage tank has the capacity to service the entire BorderlessMind facility for 2 days. We also have our own bore well.

Internet Redundancy
We have three parallel high speed connections (512 mbps each) from different service providers. This ensures 100% connectivity to the cyber space.

Fire & Medical Emergencies
We have arrangements with a 24x7 hospital a few miles from the office. Contact details are maintained at multiple points for nearby fire stations, blood banks, police station, 24-hour pharmacies etc. We have elaborate fire safety arrangements including B and C type extinguishers, multiple exits, smoke alarms, and hose pipes within the facility.

Data and Exchange Recovery
An intelligent disaster recovery system is in place for restoring complete server information at short duration. The backup is restored on an offline Exchange server for high availability.

Dedicated Team
A dedicated team of engineers who work on a 24x7 schedule resolves ongoing operations issues. An intranet-enabled helpdesk request is followed by a structured process ensuring quick resolution of queries, leading to very low downtime of hardware and software.

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Help Desk Software
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